Emergency Towing Assistance on Northsea


  Emergency response for 120m general cargo ship on Northsea

With years of towage experience at sea and in ports, our crew is highly trained and skilled to assist and act quickly in the most stressfull situations, such as a drifting ship in the middle of the shipping lane on the Northsea. We have been responding to this kind of urgent calls from the North Atlantic up to the Baltic, with mainly the Northsea and English Channel as busiest routes.

This time the 120m long general cargo ship, with a displacement of 7210 tonnes, was having an engine failure in the middle of the shipping lane on the Northsea close to IJmuiden/Amsterdam port. Our seagoing AHT & FIFI II classed tug, the EN AVANT 30, was quickly chartered by the involved insurance broker, and rushed on scene in just a few hours. After the firtst connection attempt, the tow-connection was safely and quickly made and the towage towards the nearest port, IJmuiden, could be made.


Our service:
Emergency Response & Salvage
Harbour Towage

Details of tow:
General Cargo ship
length o.a.:         118.00 m
breadth o.a.:        16.00 m
Gross tonnage:    5.130 T
Displacement:      7.210 T

Seagoing salvage tug (En Avant 30)

Working location:
Port of Amsterdam, The Netherlands