Launching new Boskalis’ dredger Krios


  Launching of new dredger Krios

On the 1th of October the newest dredger of Boskalis, named “Krios”, was launched with the assistance of Muller tugs and towmasters. In The Netherlands a lot of shipyards are launching ships from their slipway but in this particular case it has been done on a tight riverarea with no room for error.


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Harbour Towage, Ship Launch assistance

Details of tow:
Cutter suction dredger “Krios”
length o.a.:         152.00 m
breadth o.a.:        28.00 m
Dedging depth:    35.00 m
Installed power:    23.886 kW
More info on the “Krios”

Harbour tugs (EN AVANT 1, EN AVANT 7, EN AVANT 4, Roos)

Working location:
IHC Holland, Kinderdijk, The Netherlands