Syncrolift transport to Casablanca by sea


  Turnkey syncrolift transport by seagoing barge

Our expertise for turnkey barge transportation was needed for the transport of a new syncrolift being commissioned in Casablanca port, for which we needed to utilize a northsea type barge, a highly manouvrable ASD tugboat, our project management and engineering department complemented with our heavy-transport supervisors and crew on site. The transport had to overcome several engineering, loading/discharge challenges, but in the end the jowas done safe and sound.


Our service:
Heavy Transport by sea

Details of cargo:
2 sections of the steel shiplift/syncrolift
Weight: 750 Ton per section

Seagoing tug (EN AVANT 10)
Seagoing barge (9127 type)
Supervisors, barge-crew
Project Manager/Engineer

Working location:
Huelva, Spain
Casablanca, Marocco