Sea Towage

As a provider of transport solutions Muller operates short-and deepsea tugs for the European market. Because of this service Muller is able to integrate transport activities. These tugs are available for towage assignments in the shipping, dredging, offshore and salvage industries.

Harbour Towage

Muller performs an independent, competitive harbour towage in the Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Moerdijk area. In these ports our tugs assist an array of vessels, like bulk carriers, container carriers, tankers, offshore-and dredging. Experienced crews man our tugs and our fleet is an essential contributor to the life of these ports where we operate.

Heavy Transport & Lifting

Muller has been active in transporting heavy and voluminous loads since 1983. We have various push boats, tugs and roll-on/roll-off barges. These barges can be used both inshore and offshore. We offer you professional and high end turn-key solutions to both horizontal and vertical transport. We have a large stock of RoRo-equipment such as RoRo-ramps, wedges, ballast-pumps, auxiliaries, loadspreading and grillage to offer our clients the full service package and take all transport related tasks out of their hands. Let us worry about moving the cargo, so you can focus on what’s really important.

Crane Loadtesting

Muller also serves the market for testing all kind of cranes. With several testbarges Muller provides a tailor-made testrange between 50 and 5500 tons. With the integration of all testingactivities as rigging, ballasting, engineering, draftsurveyor and insurance, Muller offers the whole package to customers satisfaction. This service is availalbe for all kind of crane builders and crane operators where testing is a necessity for certifcation.

Emergency Response & Salvage

Since the start of the company in 1918 Muller has been involved in salvage. These activities mainly focus on the inland rivers and canals, but also offshore. Muller maintains specialized equipment and expert personnel in a state of round-the-clock readiness to respond incidents. Together with our experienced tow-masters and engineers, we can plan the job ahead of the towage and prepare detailed towing arrangements, towage manuals & risk assesments.

Ice Breaking

In wintertime rivers, canals and ports can be frozen in Holland. Muller maintains a fleet of icebreakers and skilled personnel to keep the main inland waterways and ports open for the shipping industry where necessary.

Transport engineering

We have decades of experience in determining the safe loading capabilities of ours but also other marine vessels. We provide comprehensive solutions for barge load and cargo seafastening plans, ballasting arrangements, Hydrostatics and Stability Analysis and many more. We’re using the most professional and proven software, combined with highly skilled and motivated engineering staff, to ensure the operations and safety will exceed expectations, while helping to limit project costs.

MULLER Dordrecht is one of the oldest most accomplished maritime service providers in Europe. For more than 100 years, we have been operating our own fleet and equipment, combined with the highly dedicated staff, exceptionally skilled and well-trained crew, serving the needs of the ever highly demanding maritime industry.


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