Steam Generators into tight spot


2200 tons Transport to EDF’s Paluel site.

A technical challenge arised to our team, little space to manouvre, precious time that could not be lost, Together with our French office from Paris, we had made a plan, which proved to work beyond our imagination.

Areva had to deliver 4 steam generators of 550 Ton each, which would arive by a heavylift ship to the small coastal port Fécamp in France. We have made a plan for two trips, utilizing our 6615 type barges and our versatile EN AVANT 9 & 7 seagoing tugs in order to provide a highly manouvrable and suitable marine spread. Knowing we had to pass a tight bridge and tidal lock, all experience of our captains and towmaster has been brought to table in order to make sure no hurdles would become a problem. Just before the summer’s Tour de France would pass the same bridge, we were able to pass the bridge, deliver the cargo via the designated and specially designed for purpose roro-berth, we made it out on time. Another job well done.