Tandem lifting Jacket in high current


  Tandem lift by floating sheerlegs of Belwind Jacket

During our contract for former Alstom (now GE Wind), we were already dealing with the transportation of the Belwind jacket from Hoboken (Antwerp) to Flushing (Vlissingen). The transport scope consists of receiving the 900 tonnes weighing jacket onto our barge and discharge alongside Offshore Installation Jackup Vessel (Pacific Osprey). During the preparations the client faced technical issues with the load-out of Jacket, which had to be done out of the building dock, situated on a high current tidal river (Schelde). The issues were such that the load-out at some point was deemed impossible given the conditions to deal with. As that’s the point where we feel the most needed, our experienced heavy-lift team of supervisors,  project managers and engineers designed a feasible lifting plan by using two floating sheerlegs as a tandem lift, this to be done on the tidal highh current river Schelde. The lifting was executed fully according the outlined plan without a single issue, in record time and safe.

Our service:
Engineering of lifting, rigging, mooring, loading arrangements
Heavy-lifting, tandem-lift by floating sheerlegs

Details of cargo:
Belwind Offshore prototype jacket foundation
Weight: 900T
Wind turbine: GE Wind Haliade 150
More info on the GE Wind Haliade project

Transport barge (8024)
1800T Floating Sheerleg
2200T Floating Sheerleg
Assisting tugs (EN AVANT 7)
Supervisors, barge-crew
Project Manager/Engineer
Engineering (structural, rigging, ballast, weigth reporting, mooring, lifting)

Working location:
Hoboken, Belgium