4.000T Testlift for Scaldis’ Gulliver


  4.000T testlift of Scaldis’ heavy-lift ship “Gulliver”

With a fast-growing heavylift vessel market, the need for testlift expertise is rising. Muller was requested by the shipyard to create a concept for the 4.000T testlift and proofload for the Gulliver crane vessel. As with many projects, there was a lack of available time and the lift had to be executed soonest. Thanks to our extensive experience with various craneship designs and different lifting set-ups, we tackled this problem soon and created the cost-effective and quick lifting arrangement with the available rigging from the craneships’ own stock. Contact us for more details how we can help you out with your crane load testing needs.

Our service:
Crane load testing (testlift)

Details of tested crane/ship:
HLV “Gulliver”
Self-propelled DP II Heavylift Vessel build by IHC / Huisman
Lifting cap.: 4.000T (tandem lift) with a max lift-height of 78.5m
More info on the Gulliver

Testlift barge (6619)
Supervisors, barge-crew
Project Manager/Engineer
Engineering (structural, rigging, ballast, weigth reporting)

Working location:
Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands