Custom-engineered 5.500T testlift for Oleg Strashnov


crane loadtesting icon   Custom-engineered testlift package up to 5.500 T

With a fast-growing heavylift vessel market, the need for testlift expertise is rising. Muller was involved in the full testlift package up to 5.500 T, including a modification to one of the existing barges to be able to accomodate a class-approved & certified test weight up to 5.500T. Together with the existing test-lift barges in the fleet, a total of 3 barges were utilized to perform the crane load testing of the newbuild Oleg Strashnov during the commissioning by Dutch shipbuilder IHC Holland. We offer a wide variety of testlift barges in order to accomodate testlift weights from 1 to 5.500 T. Contact us for more details how we can help you out with your crane load testing needs.


Our service:
Crane load testing (testlift)

Details of tested crane/ship:
HLV “Oleg Strashnov” (renamed: Seaway Strashnov)
Monohull DP3 crane vessel
Lifting capacity up to 5.000mT at 32m with almost 100m lift height.

Testlift barge (6619)
Supervisors, barge-crew
Project Manager/Engineer
Engineering (structural, rigging, ballast, weigth reporting)

Working location:
Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands