Towage of Boabarge 37 Amsterdam-Rotterdam


Seagoing and harbour towage of BB37

An example of full service towage offers is the Boabarge 37, which we have towed out of the port of Amsterdam via the North Sea to Rotterdam.

This towage we have used 3 elements of our marine services :

  • Seagoing tug: EN AVANT 20 (ASD tug with 70 ton Bollard Pull)
  • Harbour tugs: In the outbound and inbound port call we have utilised our versatile port tugs like EN AVANT 9, 27 & 4
  • Crew: During the inbound call and critical bridge passages Muller has supplied experienced linesman and towmasters.

Muller Dordrecht is able to offer these kind of turn-key towages due to it’s wide spread of services. We have the equipment and more important; know-how.