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DNV certifies that Muller Dordrecht has been found to comply to the management system standards for:

  ISO 9001:2015  download PDF

  ISO 14001:2015  download PDF

  ISO 45001:2018  download PDF

  SCC** 2017/6.0 (VCA**) download PDF

  CO2 Awareness/Performance level 3  download PDF

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Concerning safety, our aim is everybody safe every day. To contribute to this aim, we created the program Safety At Muller (SAM). The Muller Safety Familiarisation informs you about our safety rules and procedures on our tugs, barges and project sites.

Click on the link below to perform our Safety Familiaristation Test.

“In the world of towage & heavy transport we strive for the highest level of Quality, Health, Safety & Environment.”

CO2 performance

As we care about the environment, as much as we like to work with everything that’s got to do with water, we have implemented the CO2 Performance Ladder program. With several levels to complete, we choose not to start with the easiest. We introduced the program at level 3, and given ourselfs the duty to have a 5% decrease in our CO2 output by 2021, compared with 2017. DNV certifies Muller meets the requirements of CO2 Performance ladder version 3.0 

MULLER Dordrecht is one of the oldest most accomplished maritime service providers in Europe. For more than 100 years, we have been operating our own fleet and equipment, combined with the highly dedicated staff, exceptionally skilled and well-trained crew, serving the needs of the ever highly demanding maritime industry.


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